Why You Should Never Send Your CV via Gmail – The Startup – Medium

Why You Should Never Send Your CV via Gmail – The Startup – Medium

It could cost you a career.

Three months back, I applied to a game studio. Not that I was a great match, but the demographics were on my side: Very few developers possessed the deadly combination of C++, C#, Node JS, and Mobile development technology in my geography.

Throughout my 20 years long career, I prevented myself from becoming a software manager. I never got promoted.

I wanted to remain a steadfast developer because only technical prowess could one day empower my great escape: side project entrepreneurship.

With my experience, I was sure of an interview call.

I sent my application to the Human Resources email via Gmail.

Three weeks passed, I heard back nothing. I sent a follow-up email using a different subject line, and the HR got back to me:

“Unfortunately the position is recently filled up. By the way, when did you apply?”

I forwarded him the same e-mail again when he responded: ”Yeah, I got this one, but the earlier one was in my Spam folder. Gmail quarantined it because the attachment contained your personal data.”

They must be using Gmail client to access their office emails, I guessed.

“And yes, you were indeed out of luck. The guy who got hired applied 2 days after you.”

I was aghast. Was Gmail filtering out every attachment that contained a phone number or an email address? Was this really effective in their efforts to fight spam? After all, I didn’t send it to everyone in my recruiter’s office.

Whatever it was, it cost me a job position.

In the past, I had sent my application to Google 3 times. I never heard back from them. Two of them were through Gmail.

Maybe, my CV still lies in the Spam folder of some Google recruiter.

Looking back, I feel that the number of jobs lost via Gmail could be more than 150.

The Gmail Email Writing Experience:

Your cover letter reveals your persona to the future employers. Gmail’s writing suggestions setting masks it.

That was enough reason to quit using Gmail for job applications.

But there are more reasons to abandon Gmail for everything.

After a smaller keyboard size, the thing that I hate most about texting on an iPhone is auto-correct.

Gmail goes one step further with auto-suggest.

Every time I type “I am a Senior developer with 15 years of…” and Gmail hints me with “experience”. What if I wanted to write “expertise”?

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