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How to Block Spam and Robocalls Calls

There is nothing more annoying!! Thanks to our friends at PC Mag we can help you significantly reduce the amount of these calls you get to your smartphone. By Lance Whitney Are you sick and tired of the robocalls and spam calls you get on your landline or mobile phone? Lawmakers have been trying to pass legislation that would address the problem, but there are a few actions you can take on your own. iPhones and Android phones come with built-in features for blocking specific phone numbers, while mobile carriers offer their own blocking tools. Several third-party apps—such as Nomorobo, Hiya Caller ID

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How to stream Apple Music through Android devices

It’s not quite a hell-freezing-over moment but it’s close. Google and Apple have announced that Apple Music is now available to stream on all Google Nest smart speakers without needing to resort to Bluetooth pairing. To get started, you’ll need to make sure you have the Google Home app, which you can download from either the App Store (iPhone/iPad) or the Google Play Store (Android). After you log in to the Google Home app with your Google account, head over to the Assistant Settings inside your account and tap Music. Under More music services, select Apple Music, then Link account on the next screen. Follow the prompts to sign in to your Apple Music

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6 ways to stop using your android device before bedtime

You can stop using your smartphone at night with a little help from Android. We know it’s hard to let go—even when research shows it’s better for your sleep if you unplug and wind down. Android 11 includes a raft of features that can help you set some common-sense limits. Here’s how to get started. 1. Check your usage The first step is to face facts, by checking how long you’re using your phone each day and what you’re doing with it. To get started, head into your system settings and scroll down to Digital Wellbeing, which should be available

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