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Did you know that, according to a UK government survey, around 30% of the UK population assess their digital skills at less than a basic level? Free digital help is available here

The 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web was in 2014, a British invention. Today the internet is not just at the heart of the global economy but at the centre of our society too. Despite that, up to 10 million people in the UK lack, basic digital skills and capabilities. The consequences are profound. With lack of  access, skills, motivation and trust people will continue to be excluded from the digital world, with a real social and personal impact; affecting job prospects, health, education and more.

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of future digital learners will progress to, towards or within employment.
of future digital learners will progress to, towards or within employment.
of people aged 45 years and under lack all five basic digital skills.

The benefits of developing digital skills cannot be underestimated. From communicating easily with the world around you, to accessing learning and job opportunities, managing, making and saving money and even improving physical and mental health, digital literacy is a vital skill to participate fully in the modern world.



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